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Many of you who have been attending our open mic nights probably know that we have been talking about creating a new website to feature guests, performances, hot topics, and more. If you had heard about it, you might have been hearing about it for months already. Well, we finally have this brand-spanking-new blog up! Credit to Kevin Voutsinas.

Some of you are still new to the Tea Bag community, heard of us from a friend, or just found us on Google somewhere. Tea Bag has been operating as a public open mic night in the tri-state area. Our central location is in lower Manhattan and you can join us on Thursdays and Friday nights starting at 8:00 PM. Our open mic nights usually end at around 11:30 PM but you are free to stay and hang out at the bar.

Every week, we get both new and returning performers from all around the world and country. We have had the honor of having comedians and musicians. We have had some notable performers including comedian John Heys and musician Sam Hutchinson.

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You can subscribe to our newsletter for the latest news and to track upcoming events and performers. We have open bar nights occasionally as well, but we get booked fast! So be sure to stay tuned and reserve your seat early.

Additionally, if you’re a performer and you’re looking for some exposure or would just like to perform in front of an enthusiastic New York City crowd, feel free to contact us and we will get back to you shortly.

We have an even tonight for a 420 special. Come join us at 41 John Street! Doors are open to all! If seats are no longer available, we will post it on our blog (here). You may choose to stand as well, if space is available. Looking forward to seeing you downtown tonight!