Another fun guest that we have been speaking with is Michael from AllTimeTrading, who is a representative that has been with the company for years. AllTimeTrading is one of the major wholesale clothing distributors in the United States, but they supply more than just clothing and apparel. They have a warehouse with over 100,000 products in inventory and they distribute tens of thousands of products on a weekly basis all around the world. So we understand that they’re big players so we were excited to be able to get some information from Michael from AllTimeTrading in terms of what are the hottest products right now and for 2016. Michael provided us with a list, with which we did some additional research on to provide you with this detailed list.

  1. Summer Dresses & Apparel: Clearly this is a hot category for right now, as the temperature is rising and people are getting ready to go on vacation and to the beach. Michael mentioned that a lot of their customers are starting to pick up wholesale lots of summer dresses, slippers/flip-flops, sunglasses, and a lot of other accessories including beach bags and towels.   wholesale summer dresses, apparel, sunglasses, flip flops
  2. BBQ accessories: Not a lot of people think about buying BBQ / barbecue accessories in bulk, but according to Michael, these are also selling like hot cakes beginning now. A lot of people are beginning to barbecue from as early as late April! These products range from brushes for marinating, grill scrubbers, and food trays.  wholesale bbq barbecue accessories grills scrubs spatula
  3. General Apparel: Clothes is one thing that people buy all year round, and the buying wholesale apparel is almost always a great idea if you’re operating a retail or wholesale business. Just be sure to purchase the clothes that are appropriate for the upcoming months and the hot weather headed our way.  wholesale clothing apparel t shirts dresses
  4. Ankle Socks: Although a lot of people will be purchasing flip-flops, slippers, and sandals for the summer, there will still be plenty of people who will be wearing sneakers. Ankle sock and no show socks are perfect for the summer, so it’s no surprise if people are starting to stock up on these low cut socks. Both men and and women will purchase colorful and funky socks as well as solid/plain colors.  wholesale bulk ankle low cut no show colorful socks
  5. Sporting Goods: This is a hot selling category with very low competition as well. With the weather getting better, most people are spending more time outdoors. Their wholesale sporting goods section includes a wide range of products including bike locks, bicycle accessories, water bottles, beach chairs and more. wholesale bicycle bike accessories and parts

Here’s some more tips. If you’re looking to sell these in a brick and mortar store, feature a poster or put these hot summer products by the window so that you could attract as much foot traffic as possible. Starting now in April, people may not be wary of their needs for the summer yet, but if you put it in front of their face, they’re much more likely to buy. If you’re selling online, your landing page should feature these types of products.

If you’re looking to purchase these hot wholesale items, AllTimeTrading.com is one of the most reliable sources for very low priced items that you can get for under $1 a piece!

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